North Macedonia is a leader in socio-ecological transformation, successful steps have been taken that contribute to the preservation of the environment  


The Director of Progress – Institute for Social Democracy, Sasho Dodovski, at the third Socio-ecological forum that was held in Skopje this weekend, emphasized that in the past two years, by organizing the two forums, a serious step forward has been made because experts gather in one place, which gives maximum contribution to contributing to socio-ecological transformation.

 “North Macedonia is a leader in these processes and successful steps have been taken in energy transformation that will contribute to the preservation of the environment”, said Dodovski.

The forum was attended by senior representatives and decision-makers from the region of the Western Balkans and the EU, which enabled debate and discussion regarding energy policies, environmental challenges, the green agenda, the promotion of social cohesion through investments in employment, quality and inclusive education and high-quality services for social inclusion and protection.