Mihailoski: Social-democratic principles created answers in times of energy crisis, energy transition without excuses and concrete decisions is a reality


“Action now is the young people’s answer for the initiatives to move from debate to implementation. A real transformation in the energy sector starts with a desire for change, and the processes gain momentum with action and innovation,” said Marko Mihailoski, the President of the Social Democratic Youth, at the third Socio-Environmental Forum, which is being held in Skopje.

Mihailoski noted that the systemic challenges in the energy sector require solutions that will be guided by the goals in the energy strategy. But what the energy crisis has shown is that the decisions that are to be made are more than necessary – immediately and now, for which it is mandatory to integrate young people who have an innovative approach and courage, as well as knowledge.

“Social democratic principles created answers in times of energy crisis. We are known for making decisions every time everyone is grateful, because they have no problem being alibi players during the pandemic, the energy crisis, but also let’s not forget the Russia-Ukraine War, and now Palestine-Israel. All these existential hotspots reflect effects on the lives of each and every one of us and require decisions that will change the course of the game at home. In the specific case, we are talking about accelerated energy transition from local to central level. To reduce the electricity bills, a cycle of investments in the sector known as the Eldorado of photovoltaics has begun. We have the first municipality – Centar, which implements measures to become completely energy independent. In the big picture, 525MW were installed in 22 months, which if we compare from year to year, we have a growth of 140%, which is compared to the situation 5, 6 and 7 years ago, when we had energy capacities from renewable sources annually with an installed possibility of 6 MW. All this opens up space for integration, innovation of young people’s ideas, so that processes can be improved and the ultimate goal can be achieved. Every major change in history began with a single step. The collective step, the united action is what moves societies towards key changes,” said Mihailoski.