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Socio-Ecological Forum Skopje - #SEFSkopje

Forum Skopje

The first high-level forum in the Western Balkans, 
that unites progressive leaders to discuss 
the way forward to a socially-just and carbon-neutral 
development in Europe.


What is SEF-Skopje?

In many countries, the socio-ecological transformation is an opportunity for clean and affordable energy that will create jobs, boost economic growth, and ensure energy independence. Yet, in the developing world, the transformation is seen as a threat to the existing conventional energy system that offers stability and social peace. In our region, the Western Balkans, where every 4th citizen lives in energy poverty, this is not only a technical or economic issue but also a social and political one. To address it properly, changes in policies, businesses and behavioral choices are needed with all actors on board.

In that regard, the Socio-Ecological Forum Skopje offers a unique platform that unites progressive leaders, civil society, academia, journalists, trade unions and youth from the wider European continent to ensure a transformation that is socially just. Due to its inclusive and dynamic character, it offers a meaningful exchange onto ongoing social challenges of ambitious energy and climate policies between the European, national, and local level.

This year, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung has the pleasure to invite you to the 3rd Socio-Ecological Forum dedicated to “Cities in Transition” that will take place on 10-11 November 2023 in Skopje, North Macedonia.

“Democracy needs democrats, and energy needs democratization!”

Political Leaders

Youth Leaders




Razmena Cekic Durovic

State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy of N. Macedonia

Goran Gerasimovski

Mayor of Municipality of Center

Nikolina Ribarić

Deputy Mayor of Jastrebarsko, Croatia

Nora Sophie Griefahn

Director of NGO Cradle to Cradle

Aleksander Kavčnik

TU, Slovenia

Selma Šehović


Prof. Michael Braungart

C2C pioneer | Chair for Eco-Effectiveness and C2C Design | Leuphana University

kaja sukova

Kaja Shukova

Minister for Environment and Spatial Planning of N. Macedonia

Pero Kostadinov

Mayor of Valadnovo

Anja Margetić Stakić

Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Emiriana Sako

Mayor of Durres

Marin Gregorović

Mayor of Cres, Croatia

Dean Kosic

Energy Cooperative Ponikva, Krk, Croatia

Olimpija H. Zaevska

Copenhagen Business School

Vjeran Piršić

Eko kvarner, Island Krk, Croatia

Sasha Maksimovski

Head of Department for Domestic Economy Support, PM Office, North Macedonia

Marko Mihailovski

President of SDYM

Srgjan Vidoeski

Project Manager, REScoop

Felix Kriedemann

Project Manager, REScoop

Monika Griefahn

Professor, and fmr. Minister of Environment, Germany

Nita Starova

FES Skopje

Lena Bäckelin

MP Sweden

Lana Prlić

MP in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dime Velkovski

MP North Macedonia

Pavle Bogoevski

Progres Institute for Social Democracy

Sedat Arif

Deputy Mayor of Malmö 

Helena Austrell

Political Secretary of Upplands-bro Municipality

Qemajl Aliu

Mayor of Shtime, Kosovo

Sashko Mitovski

Mayor of Kriva Palanka, N. Macedonia

Aida Koluder

Member of Council in Centar, Sarajevo, BiH

Ema Neshkovska

Member of Council in Gostivar, N. Macedonia

Anel Ibeljić

Member of Council of Tuzla, BiH

Filip Tatalovic

Chairman of the Committee Group in the Council of Belgrade, Serbia

Milan Aleksic

Member of Council in Belgrade, Serbia

Jovana Avramovska


Vangel Andrevski

Director of the first municipal solar enterprise “Energy Centar”

Sasho Dodovski

Progres Institute for Social Democracy

Jonas Andersson

Olof Palme International Center

René Schlee

FES Dialogue Southeast Europe


Panel 1

Energy Democracy in Our Cities and Communities

Panel 2

Reshaping our Cities through Climate Positive Development

Panel 3

Option A:

Legal & Technical Solutions to Enable Change at Local Level

Option B:

Youth-led Energy Transformation through Citizens-led Renovation

Panel 4

Option A:

Why is this transition again man-led?

Option B:

Regional Energy & Governance for a Resilient Future

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